Pet Sessions


Pet sessions are scheduled in Sewickley at one of our beautiful parks. Typically 1-2 hours in length, the pet’s time is spent playing with you, walking and being themselves   Be sure to have a few your pets favorite treats and toys on hand. I bring treats, so let me know if your pet is NOT permitted to have a treat from me. If you prefer that I come to you, I am happy to accommodate when creating a Complete Collection. While people are encouraged to attend the session, the pet is the focus, so we do not anticipate adding people to the collection. (Pets can be added to Lifestyle Sessions, if this is more of what you are looking for.)

Sessions are not limited to dogs! All friendly pets are welcome ~ cats, dogs, horses, rabbits… gosh! who ever your best friend is!

Sessions yield dozens of images, a complete collection suitable for a coffee table album, wall prints, greeting cards and canvas art.

Sessions begin at $199.

Complete collections from $450.