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Thank You!

When I opened my Sewickley Herald yesterday, I noticed a rather large READERS’ CHOICE insert. Nice! I always like to see who people like best. After all, that’s how I often make decisions to hire. Imagine  my surprise when I saw Busy Bee and Bellissima in the Readers’ Choice Photograper section! I must say, it really made my day. (In case you are not aware, Bellissima photographers is my wedding brand.) I figured this announcement was a good way to launch into spring!

Thank you to all those who voted for Bellissima and the Bee!

Seniors with the Bee ~ high school senior collections

For a limited time Busy Bee is scheduling Senior Collections!  Sessions are on location, and styled. Collections include consultation, online proofing, custom print collections. Digital files available. Call me today for your consultation and to schedule your session. Remember, dates are limited!!! Robin 412.901.5901. Find us on FACEBOOK, and give us a LIKE!

Here are a couple of gorgeous ladies from last year, just to give you a few ideas.

Happy Yogaversary!

Some of my friends have heard this story, but what the heck? It’s worth repeating. I am an American yogi.


I’m not 20 anymore, or 30… or … (whoa) I’m not even 40 any more, and year ago, boy, did I know it. I am SOOO not the person who thinks of getting older as some excuse, and sometimes I even forget how old I am, but a year ago, I was a disaster. I sat down on the floor to fold laundry and when I reached for the basket of clothes, I couldn’t lean forward to reach it. I couldn’t sit up without leaning against a chair, and when I tried to get up – I thought I had a stroke or something. I had to climb up the front of the chair to sit in it. No, I didn’t have a stroke, I was just really fat and REALLY out of shape.

I sat in my green recliner (which I no longer have, BTW) and, in stunned disbelief, took a physical inventory. From head to toe:  a mess. I could count on at least one headache a week, and at least 1 or 2 each month which would escalate into a migraine that would prevent me from getting out of bed, and keep me in a daze.  Torn rotator cuffs , and a right shoulder that was diagnosed as needing surgery , if I wanted to regain full range of motion. (ya… no.) My back hurt all the time, bursitis in my left hip that would wake me out of a sound sleep, and plantar fasciitis that would flare up from time to time. At the time my left foot was under siege and I was so thankful that the right foot didn’t hurt. To top it off, I was pushing maximum density – a personal best!  Ugh.

What was I going to do? I knew the extra weight was making it all worse, but the weight would not budge. My little dog loves to walk and I was even letting him down. My feet hurt so much that long dog walks were out of the question.

I hobbled into the kitchen (of course) and I started to cry. I went to my knees and I prayed to God… please God, please show me what to do. Please show me something that I will stick with. Little did I know, but I was in child’s pose when I prayed…

It was the next day that my prayer was answered – in the form of a Groupon. I didn’t ask anyone what I should do. I just knew that my prayer was answered, and almost without hesitation, I clicked, BUY. Later that day, I did confirm my purchase with a friend, who said I had done the right thing.

One year ago, today, I redeemed that Groupon for my first yoga class.

Now remember, this is the same person who could barely sit on the floor without falling over, so I was a bit skeptical.  I don’t know what I expected – maybe some humming and stretching and a few down dogs. I am a Christian, so I wasn’t looking for ‘answers’, I was looking for a way to make my butt smaller. I found a place in the back of the studio and rolled out my borrowed green mat. We laid on the floor. (I already liked it – lying on the floor!) With my first breath, I loved it. I couldn’t really DO any of it, yet, but I could modify, and make it possible. When I eventually learned how to breathe, I didn’t huff and puff, and now can draw smooth, even ujjayi breaths. I love that I seem to be getting taller, and my butt is getting smaller. I have shoulder muscles and everyone has heard about how strong my feet are! (of all things.) When I witnessed ‘crow’ pose {bakasana} for the first time, I was officially addicted. I needed to be able to do THAT. (My first flight was 21 days later) And ‘firefly’ {tittibasana}! That took a lot longer.  I did do a bit of harm to my shoulder back in February, and I’m still working through it, but I can now reach over head with FULL range of motion (sans surgery). And I am this {  } close to getting my feet behind my head {eka pada sirsasana}. As my teacher is fond of saying, you measure your progress by the thickness of a sheet of paper… it’s slow progress, but it unfolds, like a flower that blooms.  You can’t force a flower open or you will break off its petals, nor can you force your body open. It’s slow, sometimes imperceptible progress, but something IS happening. (Like the work of the Holy Spirit.) And just when you think your efforts are getting you nowhere, you float! And you are again hooked to reach for the next level.

My headaches are gone and I’ve only had 2 documentable migraines in the past year. I can wear high heels for the first time in over 10 years. My hands are like the jaws of life, and the hip pain is all but gone. My dog loves his long walks again; and I actually have a reason for pedicures.

I am an American yogi. I practice 6 days a week, either attending class or rolling out my ‘borrowed’ green mat at home. I am an American yogi. I haven’t had any great ‘spiritual’ epiphanies, rather I am a follower of Jesus Christ, and I do believe He showed me this practice. I am an American yogi.  I’ve lost 25 pounds, and counting! I am an American yogi, and next year I hope to report that I am this [ ] close to pressing to a handstand {adho mukha vrksasana}.

Happy Yogaversary!

(I practice at Three Rivers Yoga Institute, if you ever care to join me.)