Lifestyle Photography

A LIFEstyle session is not your typical photography session. It’s about light and personality. Gorgeous light, and YOUR personality; the perfect moment. Not working with a script or a shot list, not managed pre-packaged lighting or props. Be inspired… have a few visions, and then we shall see what unfolds! Lots of examples follow.

A lifestyle session is STYLED, not posed. I do understand that parents want photographs that capture their child with a big smile, and looking at the camera, so I do try to include this type of image, but it is not my focus. My approach is to gain the trust of the subject, even if they are 2 years old, and get them to work WITH me. Often, this requires that we spend a bit of time together. I clear my day for a Lifestyle session, and I ask my clients to do the same. I do not wear a watch, and I am rarely in a hurry, so use our time together to slow down and enjoy the day.

Hhmmm… about a few things… like… looking at me and the camera…  how do I say this? DON’T. About directing your children… how do say this? um… DON’T. And one last thing, please suspend all expectations for how your child will act, or what we will capture – a vision is a vision, not copying pictures that you saw somewhere else.  Just go with it!  Lifestyle photography is about life! and style! It is not about posing or getting people to look a certain way. It’s about capturing who they are. Some photographs are to document a milestone. Some photography is about getting a picture at a certain age. My photography is about you. It’s about preserving your family memories, as they are; the shy tilt of a head, the boisterous laugh, the indignant “don’t take my picture”, and that broad smile of “I trust you”. I negotiate with 2 year olds, I bribe, I promise, I play. The terrible twos. My greatest challenge – and success! If I can tame a 2 year old, I can work with anyone.

Sessions usually last about 2 hours, however, if we are having fun, we will continue. If, on the other hand, you’ve had enough, we will rap it up. If I’m photographing children alone, I ask parents to trust me. Parents must be nearby, and I request that parents do not direct their child. It is overwhelming to most children to be told to look at me and smile. They will. Just wait for it. Patients is my secret weapon. Often, I’m working when you do not realize it. You will not even realize I’ve captured the moment.

It usually takes me about a week to release a collection. I am a bit of a perfectionist, and since I don’t rush things , this seems like an e-t-e-r-n-i-t-y! I want it to be worth the wait. I am aware of how excited you are to see your collection, and when I release it, I will also post a gallery of images that you may share. These images do display my watermark, and I ask that you leave it in place. I want  you to share your photographs, and I would love to meet your family and friends for a session of their own! Please send them my way. 🙂